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Meet Chef Grazia

Chef Grazia was born and raised in Sardinia, Italy. She discovered in her youth a passion for making great food and creating meals from scratch which warmed hearts while putting smiles on the faces of those who enjoyed it, especially those who love to eat well!

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What our customers say...

Stephanie M.

Class in the Kitchen is an amazing way to learn how to cook in the comfort of you own home. It’s wonderful and convenient. It’s so easy and fun for family nights, date nights or for couples trying to improve their cooking skills. I took a pasta class and it was so fun. We made the pasta from scratch and it was amazing! I highly recommend Class in the Kitchen's live, video chat cooking classes.

Justin M.

I really liked the partnership with the grocer and having all fresh ingredients delivered. I didn’t have to worry about getting the right things, right amounts, etc. The chef was great, knowledgeable, and encouraging. She shared helpful tips and suggestions.

Jennifer C.

The chef was an actual Italian lady showing us to make Italian food. She used Italian lingo and shared stories of her mother making these recipes. I loved the authenticity in it. One-on-one made it easy to ask questions and receive feedback and receive help from the chef. And watching other beginners making the recipe for the first time gave me confidence in what I was doing.