The Story of Class in the Kitchen

Class in the Kitchen was created by an awesome group of women who wanted to bring the love of cooking great food to the world! We structured our cooking classes so they would be able to be taken in home kitchens, bringing family and friends together, learning to make different types of ethnic cuisines or perhaps learning new cooking skills. Our main focus is bringing a human element to online cooking classes so if there is a question needing to be asked or a comment needing to be made, it can be done right then by just simply speaking with the instructor. Class in the Kitchen's number one mission is to educate, build and strengthen connections through the use of creating amazing food.



Who Are We? Meet Our Team!

Amber Turrubiates

Class Coordinator
As a young girl, in her bedroom arranging dolls and teddy bears in chairs to prepare for their first lesson of the day, Amber always knew she would be a teacher.

Grazia Hughes

Head Chef
Grazia grew up in Sardinia, Italy where she embraced her culture and their love for great food. She moved to the US bringing with her the traditions...

Desiree Ponce

Social Media Specialist
Always having a love for drawing and design, Desiree knew she wanted to do something where she could put her creativity to use. With one half of her...

Amanda Cabler

Marketing Strategist
Amanda gained a passion for cooking great food from her grandmother at a very early age. Although she loves cooking she likes helping people...