Fresh Pizza

By Chef Grazia





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During this virtual cooking class, Chef Grazia will show you how to make a delicious, homemade pizza that is superior to any pizzeria around.  She will start by showing you how to make an easy pizza dough from scratch.  It's ok if making dough from scratch intimidates you, Chef Grazia will be there every step of the way during class in case you need help.  You will then be making your own quick pizza sauce that will taste unlike anything that you could buy in the store.  After the dough rises and is stretched out, you will finish your pizza off with whichever yummy toppings you chose.  After popping the pizza in the oven and baking, all students will be ready to try their first bite of fresh, homemade pizza with Chef Grazia.

Meet the Chef
Chef Grazia
About Me


My name is Grazia. I was born and raised in Sardinia, Italy.

I discovered in my youth that my own personal satisfaction grew from creating meals from scratch that warmed the hearts and put smiles on the faces of those who enjoyed them, especially those who love to eat well!! My mentors in the world of flavor has always been my mother and my culture. Every Sunday there was a “must” to respect at my house that you could not escape from: "making Ravioli from scratch!!" The reward for all that work was “ to eat it later for lunch!”

Since I moved to San Antonio, about 20 years ago, I wanted to share the good taste of the food from my country with my new friends.

Pasta, Pizza, Meat, Fish and Vegetable dishes, together with Cakes and Pies, are the main “characters,” which remind me of my childhood and my precious Italian traditions.

The quality of the ingredients and the techniques make the difference in my cooking.  Simplicity and freshness are the two main components for delicious, quality meals and the foundation for my mouth-watering recipes.  In addition to providing cooking classes, I am also a personal chef and teach Italian language lessons as well!  Cooking is my passion and I look forward to creating delicious food with you, your family and friends in my class.