Southern Shrimp and Grits

By Chef Mona





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In this hands on cooking class, you will learn how to make this time tested, Southern favorite: Shrimp and Grits!  During this virtual, Saturday Brunch Cooking Class, Chef Mona will walk you through cooking the perfect shrimp to preparing savory, creamy grits with a delisious sauce that pulls everything together and makes the ultimate version of comfort food.
Meet the Chef
Chef Mona
About Me


My name is Chef Mona and I am so excited to meet you and have you join my class!  During my classes, we will focus on preparing our set menu but we will also focus on knife skills!  We will focus on building amazing flavors and elevate your cooking skills all the while, taking you to the next level!  I absolutely love what I do so we will be learning but having tons of fun while doing it.  My motto is "No student left behind."  This means that it is my duty to make sure that each and every one of you leave each of my classes possessing the skills necesary to confidently recreate each dish, on your own.  I am here to create a lasting experience for you all and in my class, I promise to do just that!  I am a former student and graduate of the The Art Institute of Houston - at San Antonio!  When I am not working with Class in the Kitchen, I am creating memories that will last a lifetime with my catering business, Mona's Cuisines LLc.  So get ready to cook like a pro!

See you soon chef!

Chef Mona